The Underpass


Black Zone

Status -2

History: Once a city underpass, it was claimed by a small gang who used it as a toll-road charging others a small fee for each vehicle they allowed through. During a turf war in which the underpass had strategic significance it came under siege by both sides of the war. Both gangs had sufficient firepower to destroy the much smaller gang operating the toll road however neither wanted the other gang to gain it.

The underpass gang took advantage of the time they had to gather together a party, inviting members from many surrounding gangs to the point where any attack on the party would have triggered a wave of revenge killings that would have left everyone dead. They kept the party running perpetually for all three weeks of the siege.

After the siege ended though, the area remained a party-spot in the local area. Their days of running a tollbooth were over but the underpass nightclub was born.

Parking: The entrance and exit areas of the overpass had a small pull-over lane. This is enough area to park around 6 cars or about 18 motorbikes. Vehicles can only be parked here with the permission of the operators and are charged $10/hour for cars or $5/hour for bikes. Parking fills up quickly and so booking by ringing a contact within management is essential. Bringing a vehicle here is considered a status symbol. There are other nearby parking locations run by other organizations if parking here is full.

Security: Given the tight proximity of the area, all explosives, gas canisters and large automatic weapons are prohibited. This security check is usually done by a dog that can (people claim) smell explosives, otherwise the gang searches people they don’t like the look of. Otherwise security is handled by the twenty or so members of the underpass gang in rotating duty. They sometimes hire extra security for special events and similar. Many patrons bring their own private security as well.

Music: Droning repetitive techno beats.

Door Fee:
Free for hot chicks/guys and the “social elite”.
Free if you’ve parked there.
~$5 if they know you’re cool.
~$10 if they don’t know you.
~$20 if they don’t like you.
~$50 to deal drugs on the premises.

BYO drinks/drugs permitted.
Autotoilets (per minute): $1
Fill a mug (BYO) from the keg: $1 (more for that big cup there fucker!)
Lie with mouth open beneath the keg: $10 for up to 20 seconds as counted by Big Gee previous record-holder, only available on nights he’s there. Keg is cut off the moment you bitch out.
Whatever you can find from the roving dealers (Expect maybe a 20-50% markup, but you can check around with multiple dealers if you’re a cheap cunt.

Hours of Operation:

Opens to public sometime in between 7 and 10pm depending on mood.
Closes to public sometime in between 6 and 10am depending on mood.
Once they start closing the rif-raff are asked to leave first, hot people or social elite will often get an extra hour or so. If they really like you you’re never kicked out.
Gang often keeps the party going with a much smaller crowd the rest of the day around.

The Underpass

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