A hotel with generally a hundred or so coffin sized rooms. Generally priced at $1/hour + $1 extra. If cleaning is required, this may be extra.

Long term rentals generally get some discount – 1-200 a month will generally get one reserved for you.


Blackzone hotel rooms generally go for $10-25 an hour, with discounts available – $100 a day is usual. These are nothing more than a single room with an adjoining toilet, that if you’re lucky, will work.

Oldtown hotels range from 200-500 a day. “by the hour” hotels are generally $50 an hour.


Blackzone apartments vary heavily by whom they are controlled by. Prices are generally negotiated with the controlling group, and aren’t often paid in case, but by other services.
$100-300 a month is the usual pricing.

Oldtown apartments vary heavily in quality. Most are in refurbished office towers. 300-1000 a month can be expected, and generally include security patrols and utilities.

Newtown apartments go from 1200-2400. This is often subsidized by employers, and generally includes private security, cameras, electronic locks, utilities, a phone and internet account, etc.


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