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Cash and Credit

Currency in Panama comes in 2 main forms – cash and credit. Since the collapse of major economies, the US Dollar, Eurodollar and Pound Sterling are interchangeable.

This is not generally accepted as tender by any corporation.

Credit comes in the accounts with one of the 5 megacorps.

Various people offer services of exchange between cash and credit. Anywhere from 1-50% charges can be incurred for exchange, depending on the amount done.


Market Value means the price seen in the book. This is assumed if buying from something like a shop.

Street Price is the price for something if bought in a bar or a guy standing on a street corner. Generally 50% higher than market price, although it can be more if you look desperate. If it’s much less…be wary of the quality.

Bulk Discounts vary depending heavily on the amount purchased and what the item is.

Income and Employment

The average monthly wage for stable, status 0 employment is 3600. After rent, 2600. After status 0 food, 2300 if the cook themselves, 1500 if they eat out for 3 meals a day.

In the Black Zone, stable employment is a rarity. Most people earn a living day-to-day, selling whatever they can scavenge, their services, or their bodies.

New Town residents are generally have more stable employment in Corporate factories, doing the work that robots still find difficult – or at least not cost productive. This also includes service roles in retail outlets.

Old Town residents have a mix of black and new zone employments.

New and Old town employment often subsidizes or includes a home with the pay.

Corp Zone pay differs greatly, although for the lower-class workers is generally not as much as many would think – however, housing, medical, security, and many other expenses are included, making the lifestyle beyond what is possible East Side to all but the richest.


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