The corporations of the world have been merged into 5 megacorps. They dominate their respective fields, although they are all able to produce goods and services in all areas, but with less quality, profit margin and market share.

Across the world smaller corporations exist only because the others allow them to exist. This is usually due to it being mutually beneficial to the megacorps to allow these to remain independent. This is most commonly “CityCorps”.

The MegaCorps

General Atomics
Leaders in energy production.

Leaders of Hardware and Software

Sunshine Group
Agricorp, leaders of biotech and food production.

Leaders in material science and vehicle production.

Masters of robotics, nanotech, and automation

Lesser Corporations

City Corp that runs the city of Panama

City of London, Inc
A similiar corp, but for London

Interpol Inc
Worldwide Bounty Hunters


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