Second session
Witty subtitle here

Three more manage to make it, create characters, and get involved.

The following are introduced:
Sierra 220 – humourless Solo
Senketsu Odachi – well loved street Sam (except by his wife)
Simon Banks – Chrome Ravens lieutenant

They all meet each other and Bryce while in Houdini turf, where a cyberpsycho – Jaxon – is going nuts. Hired to stop a Red Sons attack on the turf, cyberpsychosis results in him taking on whoever he sees.

After taking him down, the chrome ravens loot as is their thing, and everyone fucks off when C-Swat arrive in AVs.

While discussing this at a bar, trouble brews as the Red Sons have thought Sierra is responsible for the deaths of their gangers. Drivebys go badly for them, with Odachi managing to jump onto a speeding car and slam his monokatana through one of the passanger’s heads. Badass.

Some decking and phone calls reveals they were told this by a man named Romeo. This gets cleared up though. All chill.

Investigations on the corpse of Jaxon reveal a few things – his head was blown clean off, his liver was burnt out, and he had some unknown bioware.

A whole bunch of investigating of this leads them to discover that the drugs and the bioware didn’t mix well. How he paid for them isn’t known – although he was working for Three Eyes, and used to work with 2 other solos – Scorpion and Sonja, before they split up due to him being crazy.

The beginning
The first few weeks

The beginning session – Bryce helps me test the system, buying and reselling stolen phones.

Then Kane Johnson gets introduced.


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