Steven "Sierra 220" Carter




Steven is just over 8 ft tall and possesses multiple cybernetic enhancements, these include;

- All of his skin being replaced by chrome armour plating.
- An armor-plated cybernetic right arm
- Cybernetic eyes that improve his visual senses and have an inbuilt camera that previously recorded his missions for Samson and other employers.
- Agility Enhancers and Muscle Grafting
- An Internal Smart Link Wiring that enables use of aim assist programs

All of these modifications coupled with his size make him very intimidating but also very distinctive.

Steven once went by the call sign Sierra, but is currently trying to escape his name until he is ready to seek revenge on those that left him unable to continue his work as a Solo.


A Fixer by the name of Samson used his resources to create two cybernetically enhanced soldiers by the name of Romeo 119 and Sierra 220.

Sierra is Romeo‚Äôs twin brother although Romeo see’s Sierra as unable to break free of Samson’s control and must be destroyed. Sierra received many more cybernetic enhancements including his arm which allowed him to be more combat efficient but didn’t gain an increased intelligence as Romeo did. Samson has told Sierra that Romeo has gone rogue and must be eliminated before he can cause any damage to his work.

During a later mission for a Fixer named Kane Johnson, Sierra was severely injured by members of a gang called “The Vikings”, who were looking to settle a score for previous hits against their gang by Sierra himself. During the conflict Sierra’s Signature Storm Rifle was destroyed, so in order to lure them in and buy his teammates time to set up to assist him proposed a 7 – 1 mono weapon duel with the remains of the hunting party. During the conflict Sierra sustained major damage to his torso, with multiple lacerations as well as broken ribs and a damaged spine, managing to keep fighting utilizing his pain editors and hardiness alone. eventually succumbing to the damage he fell unconscious. “The Doc” managed to stabilize him after the combat and he later awoke within the Chrome Ravens Hideout.

Being confined to a wheelchair with spinal damage he could longer maintain his work as a private guard or a Solo. “The Doc” is convinced he will make a recovery however it will take some time and surgery before he can walk again. During his recovery period he has found work with a Techie name Scott Webster using his knowledge of guns to build and repair them. Choosing to remain incognito during his recovery he chooses to go by the name Steven Carter and tells his friends to spread the rumor of Sierra’s death. When Steven is fully recovered he intends to reclaim the name Sierra and wipe out “The Vikings” and continue his work as a Solo. But first he needs a new gun…


Steven "Sierra 220" Carter

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