Scott Webster

Techie Freelancer


Scott is 19 years old and reasonably well built, although slightly weaker than the average person (with a strength of 9). Scott well and truly makes up for his lack of strength will his exceptional intelligence (having an IQ of 14), possessing a wide variety of skills for designing and fixing mechanical and electrical devices, specializing in electronics (Talent package as an Electrician). There is much more to Scott than meets the eye, and he can hold his own in combat.

His intelligence is hidden behind the persona he has created for himself, being a bit of a joker and having a habit of messing around and playing mind games with people trying to get a reaction out of them. However when it comes to work Scott is dead serious and will keep his mind focused on the task at hand until it is complete, especially if there is money involved. This has proven very useful when working on projects that involve explosives, something you don’t really want to mess around with.

This side of him most often shows itself when he is working on various projects in his workshop. Scott is imaginative and enjoys coming up with designs for new and innovative technological devices or ways to fix problems in old ones. It started as a hobby during the nights where he struggled to get to sleep (Mild Insomnia) but it has grown into a bit of an obsession, causing him to grow uncomfortable if he is unable to work on a project for a long period of time (Workaholic).

He never forgets a face, and has a near flawless memory (Photographic Memory) which has helped him on numerous occasions when recalling fine details about projects he has worked on. This skill has only been accentuated by the Co-Pro Mk2 he had installed, allowing to perform calculations at rapid speeds, as well as being equipped with an extended database for a total of 30 TB storage, also containing an internal chrono.

Scott isn’t very good at handling pain (Low Pain Threshold) and tends to freeze up or yell out when subjected to physical harm, because of this he is cautious when it comes to throwing himself into harms way and developed the ability to occasionally feel when something bad is about to happen (Danger Sense). However if his close friends are in danger (Sense of duty to his close friends) or he is backed into a corner with no escape, he won’t back down from a fight, even throwing himself into action to help his comrades (On the Edge).


Full name: Scott Tyler Webster


Scott grew up in the Black Zone. The early years where alright, Scott developed a love for technology at a young age, he found them fascinating and swore he would eventually learn how they worked. Allowing him to get a good job that would help support his parents when he grew up. His parents didn’t have much money but they both worked hard to provide for Scott and they always managed to buy him a new cool technological gadget for his birthday every year.

Everything changed after Scott turned 12, his mother died of a drug overdose and his father never got over it. His father become an alcoholic, and would get abusive when he got drunk, occasionally blaming Scott for his mother’s death. Eventually Scott had enough of it and began to fight back, and after one particularly heated argument when he was 15 he ran away from home.

While Scott was looking for ways to support himself now he was on his own, he got involved with a very powerful person who goes by the name Omnicron. His first interaction being when he accidentally became an accomplice to the assassination of the leader of a gang called the Lumberjacks when some Solo’s working for Omnicron hired him as a distraction. Impressed with his ingenuity and obvious knack for technology Omnicron offered him a working contract. Scott has never met him in person, neither has anyone he has worked with while under Omnicron but their is no doubt that this guy has big plans.

Scott worked as a Techie alongside small teams of Solos under Omnicron for several years, learning how to design, fix and build various pieces of technology, all while being supported by Omnicron’s paychecks. Once Scott got older (about 17) he opened up his own store in a garage called Webster Tech from which he lives and works, having a relatively normal life. After one of the recent jobs Scott worked on, Omnicron managed to get themselves on the bad side of one of the major corporations and they swore to kill every last person involved with them. Since then the amount of work he got from Omnicron diminished, but he occasionally get a call to do some work here and there but a majority of the slack has been picked up his earnings from the store. Where he has earned a good reputation as a Techie among the mercenaries of the Black Zone.

Scott Webster

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