Street Scum Decker



Bryce is fifteen years old and even for his age is small and frail (Strength 8), weighing in at about 50kg. He makes up for this with his sharp mind (IQ 11, Will 11, Perception 11). Originally quite average in appearance, he received biomod surgery to sculpt him to resemble someone else he had to impersonate for a contract. Afterwards he kept his new face which was based on someone more handsome than he originally was. (Attractive Appearance from in-game events).

He has a small Direct Neural Interface port in the back of his neck which is concealed by a fake skin overlay. This port connects to his Neural co-processor that he uses to Run the Net. This allows him to satisfy his craving to know and understand what’s going on around him (Curiosity Trait: -5pts).

He tends to change his dress, appearance and mannerisms as required for social engineering to help him gain access to other areas. With his distinctive size this can make things difficult but he takes advantage of it to appear as innocent as possible.

When traveling the black zone he openly wears a large gun and knife on his belt to persuade people that he’s not going to be easy prey, even though technically the gun is too heavy for him to effectively fire and he has no idea how to use a knife. He never uses weapons anyway, while he has become numb to the the value of human life, he’s too nervous about wielding deadly force and afraid that the consequences might spin out of his control (Reluctant Killer -5pts).

He wears a wrist-top computer on his left wrist that he interfaces with his phone and dedicated hacking module for his electronic needs when he’s not directly connecting through his cybernetic implants.

Approx ~34 point character.



Bryce Hawthorn was born in the corporate zone and raised by parents who worked for General Atomics in some minor office somewhere. Life was good until management discovered that Bryce’s father had been embezzling from the company. Goons came in the night and dragged his father away, he still doesn’t know where.

His mother lost her job and all corporate access. The two of them had nothing and fled into the Black Zone. In order to support Bryce, she became a prostitute (Quirk: Uncomfortable around prostitutes -1pt) working for the Southeast Cartel. When Bryce was ten, his mother was shot during random gang violence. Bryce still doesn’t know exactly what happened that day.

He’s found it hard to trust people since then and watches them carefully to figure out who he can rely on. (Callous Trait: -5pts, Empathy Trait: 5pts). It’s helped him learn his way around the more violent east side of town and find out how to survive on his own (Skills: Panhandling, urban survival, streetwise, area knowledge: cartel turf, merchant, fast talk, diplomacy, pickpocket, running, stealth, observation. Talent Package: Eastsider)

The Cartel took him in though, partly out of sympathy (Pitiable Trait: 5pts) and partly so that could run small and simple errands for them. He began to get work for the mechanics over at the Cartel’s chop shop, working with Lou who was the manager in charge of the Cartel. At first his duties were simply picking up orders from Mondo Burger for the workers. The leftover change going to his meals was some of the best nutrition he had growing up (Skinny Trait: -5pts).

As time went by he learned to help out with the dismantling of stolen vehicles particularly the security systems. (Skills: Electronics Operations [Security], Mechanic [Automobile], Driving) picking up some bad habits from the older men he worked with (Quirk: Smoker -1pt).

The Cartel employed a Decker who was used for most of the hacking work on more sophisticated security systems. He took Bryce on as something of an apprentice recognizing the boy’s technical aptitude from his experience with computers as a kid. (Skills: Computer Hacking, Computer Operation, Computer Repair, Computer Programming, Cryptography, Netwise, Computer Security. Talent Package: Decker).

The Decker was a bit of a burnout, indulging heavily in recreational drug use until he finally died of an overdose (Quirk: Nothing harder than liquor -1pt).

When the Decker died, the Cartel chose Bryce to be implanted with his cyberdeck to continue his work for the gang. (Signature Gear: Cyberdeck 5pts, Duty: Gang, Involuntary, Rarely. -7pts) expecting that he would take private contracts to pay off the cost of the implants (Debt: -5pts). He’s desperate to prove himself to the gang, hoping to obtain enough money and respect to prove he was the right choice. (Quirks: Proud and Greedy. -2pts).

Bryce remained for a time, living in the house provided to the cartel’s prostitutes (Claim to Hospitality 2pts). However, after a short time obtaining private deals he was able to trade information for permission to live with the fixer Kane Johnson rent-free for a month in the Old Town, future rent to be discussed after that trial period.

Things are looking good for him, he has some support from the gang. (Patron: Minimal Intervention) but not everyone is happy to see him rising through the ranks. There are those who believe he doesn’t deserve the chances he’s gotten with the gangs (Enemy: Rival).


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