Marshall is decisive, favouring action and violence over debate (Impulsiveness). He finds it difficulty to bring himself to leave his enemies alive, working on the assumption that they should never be given another chance to come after him again (Bloodlust). Despite this, he still feels judged when others see him killing (Quirk: Trademark – justifies killings to witnesses).

Despite being cybernetically augmented, Marshall still appears completely normal and can pass through all but the most thorough scans as completely organic (No signature). His armour is likewise disguised and despite being made of a monocrystal lattice, appears to just be ordinary stylish clothes (Disguised, Styled). For all his abilities with combat, his true talent is in being unobtrusive and overlooked.

To casual observation Marshall is merely a decorative addition to the arm of whomever he is protecting (Appearance: Very Handsome). Only the serious gun at his belt, aTacPro Doublestrike with a lot of optional extras, hints at his real purpose and when full subtlety is necessary he can leave the gun behind without being unable to still kill where necessary.

When working, Marshall carries himself with a professional attitude (Code of Honour: Professional) and a fairly neutral expression. This somewhat conceals the fact that he actually has a lot of compassion for those in need, especially children. (Quirk: Responsive, Sense of Duty: Children).


Marshall Andrews grew up in a predominantly African-Central American neighbourhood within the Black Zone (Quirk: Dislikes racists) growing up mostly with his mother. He didn’t see much of his father or half-sister who lived in a much more upscale area of Old Town. His father occasionally sent money to his mother, but they were still quite poor and in an environment where there were few educational opportunities (Language: Broken Literacy, Quirk: Bad at maths).

He spent more and more time hanging out with the other young kids from his tower-block and although they were never formally a gang, they got in a lot of fights especially with some of the neo-nazi and skinhead groups around town. His mother didn’t much approve, but realizing that it was going to happen anyway paid for him to be taught by a martial arts trainer so that at least he might survive.

His skills with fighting helped him get some thug work when he was younger, but his big break came when he was hired by the fixer Irene DeSanto. His combat skills were a part of that, although what really brought him to her attention was his good looks (Appearance: Very Handsome). The attractive Razorgirl bodyguards were a common status symbol amongst the fixer world, and she decided to invert the tradition to have a handsome Razorboy working for her.

Irene DeSanto paid for him to have a lot of very subtle cybernetic augmentations, to make a perfect bodyguard that would appear decorative and harmless unless his skills were needed (Signature gear: Cyberware). He now works for her paying off his debt and in exchange for being provided with support and a place to live (Duty, Patron, Debt, Claim to Hospitality). She has also assigned a permanent driver to him, in order to help him fulfill his duties (Ally).

The improvements made him a dangerous killing machine, something he didn’t quite anticipate when he intervened in a pair of skinhead thugs harassing a black youth. He killed both of them within a few seconds without ever really intending to, unaware that they were prospective members of the Snakebiter white-supremacy gang. While the pair weren’t important enough to justify an effort at reprisal, they keep an eye out for him and wouldn’t be shy about taking revenge if they had an opportunity (Reputation: Race-traitor -3, small group: racists).

This was something of a last straw to his mother, who was already unhappy with the violence inherent to his job. Despite his attempts to justify his actions to her, their relationship grew strained and she has distanced herself from him since that killing. Since then, he’s had other incidents with his job that make him reluctant to try to reach out across that gap. Around the same time he heard from his sister about the death of his father.

Feeling isolated from his family he made an effort to connect more with his sister, they came from very different walks of life but he would visit every now and then to spend time with her and his nephew. A few years later though she was murdered, he still doesn’t know who did it (Quirk: Obsession with finding sister’s murderer). He took in his nephew as a matter of course, adopting him and taking care of him (Dependent). His nephew Alex is used to the higher standard of life of Old Town and Marshall has little idea about being a parent, but he does his best to take care of him.

Pictured below

Nephew: Alex – Dependent
Boss: Irene DeSanto – Patron
Driver: Lance – Ally


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